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Dec 28, 2010 11:00pm EST
. >> reporter: moton is best known as a community activist who co-founded peaceoholics and worked to help inner city kids. >> the first thing that i said, oh, this is great but then i said well, i wonder what would michael vick be doing today if he wasn't given a second chance? >> reporter: most of the young people moton knows don't get jobs out of prison. they don't get credit or college grants either. it's a separate standard for the rich and famous he says, but he hopes vick's success will even the playing field for others. >> he has to keep going in the direction that he's going or it will shut the door on this once again. >> reporter: but people aren't the only ones that need second chances. pitbulls like georgia could use one, too. >> when you think of second chances, you automatically think well, they did something wrong and now they need to get their -- they've paid their debt, but that's not the case here. >> reporter: the only thing these dogs did wrong was being born all or part pitbull. dogfighters like vick have helped turn the image of a breed once dubbed america's dog into one of
Dec 28, 2010 6:00pm EST and, by the way, ron moton is developing a second chance clothing line and aimed at raising money to support people re-entering society after prison. >>> and hired to hack, coming up next, the government's search for the best teen hackers in this country and why they made them.  >> microsoft found itself in the middle of a provocative controversy. a company is developing a 3d game involving the kinnect company. microsoft said that it will not allow adult content on the xbox 360, which uses kinnect. the virtual porn could pop up on the web as the technology is available for pcs. and they will be rated g for gross. >>> it might be just the "american idol" of the cyberworld you have been looking for. a competition searching for the best hackers out there to use their talents for good and why is the government using -- looking for cyberdefenders? >> reporter: private e-mails, corporate records, even military secrets. all vulnerable to cyberattacks. it's very real and happening more off then than you know. >> -- often than you know. >> all government agencies are being
Dec 1, 2010 5:00pm EST
august. >> we feel that when citizens across this country and world see the vertical moton of what is going on now, that they will also agree with many of you who have already given. that they ought to be a part of this memorial. >> reporter: news4, wasngton. >> i can't wait to see it. >> impressive. >>> the rain is behind us now but we have those two words already out there. windchill. in the 20s. we were at 65 degrees this morning. some areas are seeing a 20 to 30-degree temperature drop since earlier this morning. and you know the rain came. fortunately it is out of here but not before producing some flooding on the streets in arlington across portions of the area. we did see some flooded roadways. many of them, in fact. we did have the flash flood watch in effect and even warnings as well. the rain isow gone. and behind it, n we're just dealing with the cold air. you can put the umbrellas away and get out the coat. outthere, a few clouds. 42 degrs, a 23-degree temperature drop so far today. winds out of the northwest at 15 miles an hour. look at the temperature. 36 in haguetown
Dec 20, 2010 5:00pm EST
the man porayed during his trial w nothe man he is. the defense made a moton in court today for a new trial. that motion was denied by the judge. the attorney said he will appeal. amg the arguments, the -called voodoo candle burned his client. >> whoever prepared it, whoever carved those words in the candle, wa somebody other than mr. barnes. >> rporter:errick ward, news4. >> now accomplice samuel pled guilty to his ro inhe crime and also receiv a life sentence. >>> well, a faulty turn y may be to blameor a deadlyarbon monoxide leak in northwe washington. it happen yesterday in home onwarder street. woman called911 because she had trouble breathing. when crews arred the woman was very disoriented and crews discoved high levels of carbon monoxide inside. another wom inside the house was unconscious d man was discoered dead. the ho did not have a carbon monoxide tector this is just the beginng. >> you for get about that. we areo concered wth the smoke detectors. >> this is t time of year when so ma accidts hppen ndoors. and we -- just have to be extra careful. so- >> on to the snw. on t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4